Merapi Refugees Dining Tonight Tongseng & curry

YOGYAKARTA - The atmosphere of Eid al-Adha seems to bring blessings for the displaced victims of the eruption of Mount Merapi. Tonight, thousands of refugees in Maguwoharjo, Sleman will eat tongseng and curry goat.
According to Eid al-Adha in Maguwoharjo committee, Bambang Maryanto, as many as eight hundred pounds of meat goat sacrifice results tonight will be cooked for dinner in the evacuation of refugees.
"Here there are 70 head of cattle and 610 goats. But the newly slaughtered today just 15 cows and dozens of goats. Cutting will continue until Friday, "Bambang said on Tuesday (11/16/2010).
Meat cuts such offerings will also be distributed to the five kitchens and 14 refugees in the Sleman district that has a post refugees. He hoped, all refugees of Merapi to enjoy the sacrificial meat.
Up to now, as many as 15 teams are still doing the slaughtering of sacrificial animals on the east side of Stadium Maguwoharjo. Previously, in this place also thousands of refugees this morning held a Salat Eid al-Adha. Some residents also pay the obligatory Salat Id will return tomorrow morning.
Meanwhile, based on information from the SAR team members, military Captain Arief Subagyo, the current evacuation process is stopped out of respect for Eid al-Adha. However, he does not know when the evacuation would be re-done.

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