My prayer, Pray for Victims of Bali Residents Muhammadiyah Merapi

JAKARTA - Jakarta Police Board managed to secure evidence in drug worth Rp6, 5 billion. Illicit goods consist of drug types of methamphetamine and ecstasy. Two suspects, TA (37) and ATG (35) also successfully picked up.
"The police are securing the TA at Hotel Le Grandeur, Mangga Dua, Central Jakarta, yesterday afternoon. From his hands secured approximately 12,000 grains of ecstasy, and 650 grams of methamphetamine type drugs," said Director of the Directorate of IV Drug Polda Metro Jaya Police Brig Pepari Arman told reporters in his office on Tuesday (16/11/10).
At home TA, continued Arman, located in the area of Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, also seized a bucket of pants in women's powder containing crystal methamphetamine. "It is also found in 2 kg of shabu, in which 1 kg was removed by the wife of TA to the toilet," said Arman.
Police also found the tools and raw materials following the manufacture of ecstasy and methamphetamine precursors. From the investigation, the suspect admitted to taking ecstasy told ATG at Hotel Le Grandeur. ATG merupkan inmates at the penitentiary Narcotics Cipinang, East Jakarta. "The syndicate is controlled by a prisoner named Har alias Atong who was sentenced to 11 years in prison along with other actors, Surya, in the case of possession of ecstasy," he explained.
When Surya arrest in 2007, the police managed to secure 90,000 ecstasy and a single point weapons. "We suggest syndicate overseas, including China and Hong Kong," he said.

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