Happy Salma Married with King of Bali

Happy news comes from a beautiful artist Happy Salma. After a long establish love with Tjokorda Bagus Dwi Santana Kerthayasa, Happy finally held in a Hindu wedding on Puri Sareh, Bali, Sunday (3 / 10).

As reported, this Happy wedding menghebokan people around Castle Sareh, Gianyar, Bali. Festive event was seen since the morning, with dozens of wreaths that had flooded the location of his second marriage. In fact, several foreign tourists were also seen to capture this moment with their cameras.

Not only the residents and foreign tourists, several prominent artists in Bali and also look at the site, including the controversial pair, Kris Kristofferson and Raul Lemos.

For the husband is still Happy Salma Ubud royal, obviously the wedding is also a sacred and festive. Happy Salma name was changed to Jero-Happy Salma Wanasari, as quoted detikhot.com. Name Jero got because he is a new member of the kingdom, while his last name means garden.

Happy Salma wedding procession and Tjokorda Good procession was carried out in accordance with ancestral customs, which involve three witnesses, Butha witness (the witness of nature), human witnesses (men) and the god of witnesses, as described by Tjokorda's father, also a member of DPRD Bali at a press conference Happy after the wedding. Indonesia Today

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