Indonesia accounted for Luxury Hospital in Myanmar while in the country still needs a lot of hospital

Remote villages in Pyinsalu, Myanmar, can now easily access the health care class. Indonesia to build a luxury hospital to help residents in the township, which is often affected by the disease.

As a press release from the Indonesian Embassy in Myanmar, the hospital was named Hospital Pyinsalu. Prime Minister U Thein Sein and Myanmar Ambassador (Ambassador) of Indonesia to Myanmar, Sebastianus Sumarsono, signed the inscription as the inauguration of this hospital.

This hospital is quite a luxury because it has 25 inpatient rooms are also equipped with the outpatient section of space, special space men, women and children, lab, x-ray room, delivery room, dental room and two operating rooms . The hospital is also equipped with a vast artificial lake, which serves as a reservoir when the rainy season at a time when the tsunami breakwater.

Quite festive inauguration ceremony, attended by a number of Ministers and Senior Officials of State of Myanmar and also some elements of the acting from the Indonesian Embassy (embassy) in Yangon.

"Help this hospital, except as a form of real friendship of two nations that is always supporting each other in a state of happy or sad, this is also a drug (element) is important for residents Pyinsalu (ie the areas most severely affected by Cyclone Nargis) in relieving or eliminating suffering post-disaster "said the Prime Minister in starting dialogue with the residents who attended the inauguration.

Furthermore, Prime Minister U Thein Sein, saying that deep utterance gratitude to the Government of Indonesia who have contributed to a fund of one million U.S. dollars to the Government of Myanmar to build a health facility (hospital) is very feasible in the region affected by cyclone Nargis disaster , especially in Pyinsalu. Indonesia Today

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