2014: Sri Mulyani For President

Political observers University of Indonesia, Arbi Sanit, said that Former Finance Minister Sri Mulyani has the potential to become a candidate for president in Election 2014. In addition to Sri Mulyani, other potential candidate is General Chairman of Golkar Party Bakrie aka Ical.

After the discussion at the House of DPD / MPR, Jakarta, Arbi argued, Sri Mulyani is the academics who have the ability and integrity as well as global experience. In fact, Sri Mulyani exceed proficiency Ical.

"However, it depends on her. Want to go into politics or not," said Arbi.

When Sri Mulyani willing to plunge into the political arena that had been hostile, then with one or many ways, his name will have the potential to skyrocket in the political universe. Weapons, former Director of the IMF was able to describe the chaos of government by revealing the dirty political game so far.

This is evident at a public lecture at the Ritz Calrton, Pacific Place, Jakarta, yesterday. In the event, Sri Mulyani, without mentioning the political conspiracy in Indonesia.

Marriage-related interests is Sri Mulyani, Arbi saying it is more properly called a conspiracy between SBY and Aburizal. "SBY's cabinet will not interfere next five years, while Ical is a potential nuisance to flag Golkarnya advantage in the House," said Arbi.

Thus, the most probable solution to maintain the stability of government is to 'sell' Sri Mulyani and formed a Joint Secretariat (Sekgab) Coalition Party. Where Ical Sekgab served as Chief Executive.

"In this way, for more clearly-for power," said Arbi.

Arbi predicts, maybe someday Sri Mulyani will open a bright-light Century Bank case that became rock sandungannya. And it is unbelievably precise Presidential elections conducted in 2014. Indonesia Today

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