Indonesian girl become sex slaves in Saudi Arabia

A female workers (TKW) of Garut, West Java, said her employer abused and raped while working in Saudi Arabia. Adjunct woman named Hotimah bint it was reported that torture to the Regent of Garut, Aceng Fikry.

Hotimah admitted whipped and beaten for two years working in Saudi Arabia. Villagers of Karang Wangi, District Blooms Mukti, it also brings some evidence to strengthen the report. The evidence in the form of photographs of wounds on his body.

According Hotimah, he could return to their homeland after forcing agents who hired him to not renew the contract. Garut regent promised to seek legal recourse for Hotimah.

Meanwhile, the news surrounding the family of a migrant worker in Trenggalek, East Java. TKW named Istiqomah reportedly killed in a traffic accident in the state where she worked, Taiwan. The news was received from fellow maids who are victims of family neighbors.

Because of that, the family hoped the Labor Department and the companies that send istiqomah can help the process of repatriating the body. Indonesia Today

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