Tommy Suharto Ready to Join Presidential Election 2014

Although the presidential election is still four years away, but the name of Tommy Suharto was promoted to be one candidate for president in 2014 later.

The youngest son of former President Suharto was himself declared ready to go so in exchange candidates.

"Yes there is that desire, but must be a way and good roads," said Tommy, after attending the event declaration Nations Children Gathering Forum (FSAB) in the building of the MPR / DPR, Jakarta, Friday (01/10/2010).

Tommy said, there are several small party candidates who want to carry into 2014. However, he has not approved the proposal such smaller parties.

Discourse megusung Tommy Suharto became president in 2014 initially raised in early August 2010, by former Secretary General of the People's Conscience Party (Hanura) Yus Usman Sumanegara.

According to the Yus, Tommy is the right figure to be president. Yus Usman explained, diusungnya Tommy Suharto because of the desire of society who missed the golden period when Suharto became president. Indonesia Today

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