Prajogo Pangestu's Barito Pacific bequeath

Gently, Indonesia's top tycoon Prajogo Pangestu began bequeath Barito Pacific Group business empire to his son, Agus Salim Pangestu.

"Yes, about the business affairs has begun to be transferred bit by bit," said Agus Pangestu told in Jakarta.

Agus is the figure of a young entrepreneur, the successor to large business groups that are open in conveying his views.

As a successor company that built his parents, Agus Pangestu has served as Vice President Director of Barito Pacific. This position has been diembannya since June 2002.

Pangestu Agus graduated from Boston College, the United States in the field of Economics and Business Administration in 1994. He started his work career in 1993 at the Linkage Human Resources Management.

He then worked at Merrill Lynch, the United States as a financial analyst in 1995 before joining his parents owned company Barito Pacific in July 1997. Agus began appointed as Director of the Barito since June 1998.

However, Agus emphasize Prajogo as the founder of a business empire Barito still play a role. His father, still serves as Chairman and President Commissioner of Barito Pacific.

Prajogo is one of the leading tycoons and entered the ranks of the wealthy Indonesian version of Forbes magazine. A businessman from West Kalimantan is great since the days of the New Order government led by former President Suharto.

Meanwhile, Barito Pacific is one of the business groups that engage in various activities. In addition to the forestry sector, logging and plantations, Barito also wrestle petrochemical business, as well as coal mining and oil and gas. In fact, Barito also entered the sector of electrical energy providers.

One of the major strategies that are now being logged Agus Pangestu joint board of directors Barito, such as President Director barito Loeki S Poetra, is combining two large petrochemical company in Indonesia, namely PT Chandra Asri and PT Tri Polyta. "It's part of our efforts to improve the efficiency and ability to compete against global players," said Agus.

Besides mergers Chandra Asri, so far Agus role in strategic policy development companies such as expansion of the plant, such as butadiene plant to remove the products varied, as well as the acquisition of other companies, such as Energy Star. According to Agus, Barito track record of acquisitions has been recorded every year. Indonesia Today

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