Ito Sumardi for police chief?

Name of Chief of Police candidates will be asked President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to the House of Representatives (DPR) still keeps the big question. In fact, the name that has been blowing hard at the House of Representatives, namely Kabareskrim Komjen Ito Sumardi Pol.

Ito Sumardi Berembusnya name certainly a surprise after the previous two national police chief candidate names that have been staying digadang President will be submitted to the Parliament, namely Komjen Pol Nanan Soekarna (Irwasum) and Pol Komjen Imam Sudjarwo (Kalemdikpol).

"Leakage received by members of the House of Representatives Commission III in particular, was 90 percent which will name the President proposed that Pol Komjen Kabareskrim Ito Sumardi," said Member of Commission III of the Parliament of the Golkar faction, Bambang Soesatyo VIVAnews when contacted in Jakarta, Sunday, October 3, 2010.

According to him, the choice to appoint Kabareskrim SBY Komjen Ito Sumardi considered as an attempt mensolidkan forces and police units in the body. "Ito is the right person to perform repairs on the body of Police. In addition, he was judged competent to lead the police to reform and institutional reform within the national police," he said.

He also assesses elections as an attempt Ito Sumardi transition to Komjen Pol Imam Sudjarwo (Kalemdikpol) to become Chief of Police. "We know, Ito, 8 more months to retire, and within 8 months it will be done as an effort to transition to the future after retirement, then Imam Sudjarwo who will be nominated," he said.

However, he said, it is possible Ito term, if served as Chief of Police, will be extended despite retirement.

According to him, this time not yet right for Komjen Pol Sudjarwo Imam to lead the police directly.

To date, name of police chief candidates proposed by President SBY is not yet accepted the House of Representatives. "Probably tomorrow morning we received that name. Yes, it is probable that a candidate who submitted Kabareskrim Komjen Ito Sumardi," he said.

Until now, the Palace was still closed the meeting who name-General which will be submitted to the Parliament as a candidate for police chief.

Earlier, Deputy Speaker of the House Pramono Anung via twitter account @ pramonoanung provide leak that had served as national police chief candidate Kapolwil Surabaya. "Kapolrinya .... ever so Kapolwil Surabaya" wrote pram.

As is known, Kabareskrim Komjen Pol Ito Sumardi a dropout Akabri 1977. In his career, the man born in Bogor, June 17, 1953 served as Kapolwiltabes in 2001-2003 and served as police chief and police chief of South Sumatra Riau 2005-2006 2006-2008. Indonesia Today

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