Renovation of Mosque at the State Palace to reach Rp9, 8 M

Palace spent Rp9, 8 billion for the renovation Baiturrahman Mosque, located in the complex of the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta.

"Baiturahman Mosque which was built since 1958 no mistake Qibla direction. So in 2008 changed all at once renovated. Budget Rp9, 8 billion from the state budget," said State Secretary Sudi Silalahi when reading the report of accountability renovation Baiturrahman Mosque, at the State Palace, Jakarta, Friday (1 / 10 .)

According to Sudi, Qibla direction changes made by the benchmark sun. How to adjust them is to align the Qibla direction to the sun is directly above the Kaaba on the 26th May 2009 at 16:28 pm.

"The position of the Sun that's to be the benchmark," said Sudi.

In addition to changing the direction, size and architecture of the mosque also changed. Initial area 605 square feet plus a 1105 square meters and fit 1000 people.

Meanwhile, tropical style architecture built with glass walls and large openings.

Renovation and expansion, the construction was designed by Ahmad Nukman as an architect. Nukman is the architect who also designed the improvement of the Grand Mosque, Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Although renovated and expanded, the shape of the old building retained. What is preserved is in the form of piles in the mosque and the towers because they have historical value. Indonesia Today

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