Yudhoyono: Do not Make the mosque as a place to provoke violence

The existence of the mosque for Muslims is a good center. Not as a place for the activities of provocation, let alone leading to violence.

So says the President when inaugurated reuse Baitulrahim Mosque, the Presidential Palace Complex, Jakarta. The inauguration took place shortly before the congregational prayer on Friday (01/10/2010).

"Do not make the event mosque provocation and violence," said SBY.

Yudhoyono said the function of the mosque is not just a place to run prayer. But the center of all activities of both the religion taught as charity, straightening aqeedah people and community activities aimed at positively.

"I invite all to the spirit of making the mosque as a center of kindness," he said.

Inauguration reuse Masjib Baitulrahim also attended by Arafat Imam Mosque, Mecca, which also acts as the priest prayed Friday. While the sermon delivered by prof. Nazarudin Umar.

After Friday prayers, the President signed the inauguration of the mosque in the inscription. The event closes with lunch together as a symbol of gratitude.

A number of senior state officials seem present. Among these are Menag Suryadharma Ali, Minister of Industry, MS Hidayat, three ministries Djoko Suyanto, Coordinating Minister Hatta Radjasa and Chief Sutanto BIN. Indonesia Today

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