Thousands of Customers Disappointed against Telkom and Telkomsel

More and more are disappointed with Telkomsel after Flash and Speedy internet package that incredible speed is slow, now a new problem arises again, while its parent company Telkom is also problematic because many complained line subscribers due to a sudden charge to the billing FIXED FEE PACKAGES bill without any confirmation. This is what the government-owned company is managed, very embarrassing. Companies that he ever listing in U.S. stock, how can the service quality standards sag like this?

Thousands of Telkomsel recorded was overpaid for being the victim of billing errors (billing system) on 3G data services Telkomsel Flash.

"There are 12 thousands are taxable and the packet-based time. It is not unlimited, as discussed, and only Halo cards," said Aulia E Marinto, Deputy VP of Corporate Secretary of Telkomsel, to ITGazine in Jakarta, Thursday (14/10/2010).

As is known, the Indonesian Telecommunications Regulatory Body (BRTI) received consumer complaints that the billing system was problematic Telkomsel. Calculation error occurs because the excess tariff quotas should be USD 1/kb but billed USD 5/kb.

"The case has already lasted several months. We had told the team Telkomsel, but there is no follow-up," complained Heru Sutadi, a member of the committee BRTI.

Telkomsel has kept a low, eventually admitted an error occurred. Ricardo Indra, GM Corporate Communications Telkomsel claims to have restored the system back the bill and promised to restore losses to the customer.

"We are grateful for the information of the customer associated with excess billing Halo card customers who subscribe to Telkomsel Flash," he said.

According to him, Telkomsel had to check and have applied these solutions in billing system. Currently, said Indra, the system has been functioning in a normal billing and collection is in conformity with the price offered.

"Along come back normal billing system, Telkomsel also make adjustments automatically to all customers affected by the excess billing. Because the taxable postpaid subscribers, then returns through cutting bill in the next period," said Indra. Indonesia Today

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