2 Men Arrested in Marijuana bearer Patwal Polda Metro Jaya

Jakarta -Instinct threesome Patrol officers and escort (Patwal) Polda Metro Jaya deserves thumbs up. Suspicions against the digit bike riders to fruition. When searched both caught carrying 500 grams of preserved marijuana.

The news begins when the arrests of threesome grouping Patwal was chasing a speeding motorist in Jalan MT Haryono, correct in face of the BNN, Cawang, East Jakarta, Sunday ( 27/03/2011), for violating reciprocation rules, at around 16:00 pm.

Two officers, Brigadier Anton and First Brigadier General, crowd in the perspective of the pursuit by using a super power of 900 cc motorcycles. Meanwhile, First Brigadier Rizky are behindhand with a distance of most 50 meters. The motion took locate in conditions of heavy reciprocation crawling.

Brigadier Rizky, who was behindhand the digit officers Patwal, saw a motorist dynamical angularity zig Yamaha Vega.

“They same going Patwal away from digit officers in front, “said First Brigadier Rizky when institute in personnel Jatinegara, Sunday (27 / 3) afternoon.

Because of the suspicion that, essay chase Rizky both from behind. Until he eventually play the motorist with his patrol container to analyse the completeness of a intend letter.

“We analyse their accumulation looks same a black impressible activity waste is taken,” said Rizki.

Because the suspect, the personnel also analyse the impressible bags that carried both. When unsealed was institute most 500 grams of preserved marijuana enwrapped in brown funiculus tape.

The tar then crowd them to the Jatinegara Police Office for further investigation. Given digit grouping are named Hasan (32) citizens of Malay dam, Plumpang, who worked as a bike and Budi Santoso (37) citizens of Koja, North Jakarta, and worked as a section tar Tanjung Priok port. Now the digit suspects were arrested in Polsektro Jatinegara to amend the investigation.

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