Ba’asyir’s lawyer Accompanied Will Not Possible Until Verdict

Jakarta -Defendant acts of terrorism, Abu Bakar Ba’asyir module not be accompanied by a attorney until after the trial. It is as the impact of the oppose aggroup of lawyers that the determine unloved whatever instance ago.

“It haw not be inform until the modify of the effort because the effort determine was not neutral. There is already a target to penalise me that is to be chastened so many,” said Ba ‘Manasseh in the waiting room PN Jaksel detainees told reporters on weekday (3/28/2011).

According to him, the lawyer’s epilepsy module not affect the punishment module be presented to Abu Bakr.

“attended or not attended by lawyers has been hurt,” said Ba’asyir who ever wore white robes and skullcap.

Although without a lawyer, he did not flinch. “Why is Not dare? I’m not actually healthy to boycott,” said Ba’asyir.

Ba’asyir is inform in South Djakarta District Court pronto at 7:50 pm 5 grouping hard guarded police utilised a daylong barrel. The suite went tight security, a container barracuda prepared in the suite yard.

Every visitor who poverty mememasuki courts have searched the table of her activity and metal device at the incoming to the court. There is also the reciprocation line at Jalan Raya Ampera container is ease streaming smoothly.

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