LG claims top global market share in LED LCD monitors

By George Wong 03/30/2011, 11:51 pm PT

LG logoKorean electronics manufacturer, LG Electronics has been crowned the world’s mart cheater in diode LCD monitors in 2010, with 18% of the mart share. Out of the 16.68 million diode LCD monitors that were sold worldwide terminal year, LG were accounted for 2.92 million of them. In 2009, LG exclusive had 1% of the pie, they jumped to 10% terminal year, and the company today sits on the vest with 18%. The company is due to grow to 30% by the end of this year, maintaining the number 1 position. For 2011, LG module be agitated on to CINEMA 3D monitors that they believe module be the future of monitors. With a full slew of awesome monitors that hit been awarded environmental certification, and awards for having the slimmest diode LCD monitors in the world, it looks like they’re on the correct road to success. Let’s wager if they crapper keep it up, or module added concern endeavor to seizure the crown away?


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