RI Must Immediately Stop the attack on the Allies Ask Libya

Jakarta -Professor of International Law FHUI, Hikmahanto Juwana, urged the polity of state to verify conception titled for the retraction of united troops from Libya. The polity also asked to communicate the United Nations to appraise the united move to Libya.

“Criticism has been launched by several countries against alinement attacks. There has been a movement to peacefully resolve the crisis in Libya, one of them by the African Union. Based on this then the polity should call for alinement attacks cease immediately, “said Hikmahanto, in a advise promulgation told foetoprotein on Tuesday (19/03/2011).

Hikmahanto said, the state of Libya to united attacks break UN resolutions. The UN thence needs to appraise the united opprobrious into Libya.

“The polity could communicate the UN Security Council to appraise the Coalition move on Libya as stipulated in Resolution 1973. Suara state anti the alinement move which has not in gift with Resolution 1973 module be the same indecency of the vocalise of China, Germany and Russia, “said Hikmahanto.

Next, Hikmahanto advises the polity titled for, modify if perhaps played a role, the democratization process to essay a new leader in Libya to begin.

“Please give suggestions of other countries related with the prizewinning resolution for Gaddafi to poverty to promulgation his power in a peaceful,” said Hikmahanto.

According Hikmahanto President positiveness required in the practice of the 1945 Constitution to achieve concern pact . “When the body intercommunicate out boldly in addressing the crisis of the concern then the concern would be regarded state as a big country,” he said.

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