DG PAS Sidak Rutan Attack, Discover 3 Prisoner Drug Use

Jakarta -Directorate General of Corrections held a assail operation at the crease Serang, Banten. At surgery, institute three constructive inmates taking drugs.

Sidak held on weekday (30/03/2011) period by Kamtib Ditjenpas Task Force led by Bambang S and the Director of Infocom Murdiyanto. The aggroup departed from Djakarta since the afternoon.

“Task obligate could make a assail achievement of the officer who was on duty. The inmates also had to be shocked,” said a spokesman for the Directorate General of PAS, Akbar Hadi Prabowo told AFP.

There is also the duty obligate searched the block which is a special block of take prisoners. When a see institute no evidence of drugs, but from the results of piddle examination, there are three constructive patient take use.

“Random piddle effort on 26 men and 5 women. The result of 3 people constructive for drugs, “he continued.

With these findings, the aggroup will conduct boost investigations. If some officers participating would be dealt with firmly.

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