Witness turns your Mac into a security camera

By martyr Wong 03/31/2011, 3:43 am PT


If you’ve got fears about your concern getting broken into or your roommate stealing your stuff, and you hap to hit a Mac machine misrepresentaation around, Orbicule has released a resolution meet for you. Called Witness, this app turns your MacBook or Mac desktop (that has iSight) into a motion-activated section camera. All you hit to do is invoke it on whenever you yield your machine on whenever you yield the house. You crapper then activate witness using and iOS figure same the iPad or iPhone with one motion and you’re set. Whenever the machine at bag detects movement in face of the camera, it starts transcription videos and stills, instantly notifying the iOS figure you activated it with or on the Witness website. So you crapper wager if it’s meet a wander birdlike that broke into your bag or it’s a real burglar and you should call the cops. A nifty app that works, since your Mac is staying bag anyway, but it’s not going to kibosh the burglar from stealing your MacBook anyway. Witness is available now for $ 39 and $ 29 if you’re a student. Video promo after the break:

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