Embassy Asked to Save Budget Rent House

Jakarta -Building property fee for the Embassy issued Kemenlu thoughtful too super and is ineffective. Embassy asked to spend the budget rental, digit artefact to acquire the antiquity in antecedency countries.

It was mentioned by members of the House of Representatives Commission I, Muhammad Syahfan Sampurno Badri told foetoprotein in a written message on weekday (18 / 3 / 2011). This was conveyed to respond Kemenlu evidence when meeting with the House Commission I on Monday (14 / 3). According Kemenlu, there are currently 109 Embassy antiquity is still a lease at a outlay of about USD 150 1000000000 in fiscal year 2010.

“In my instrument the acquire of the Embassy antiquity facility is much more profitable than the property cost. Also crapper be an quality state-assets, could also refrain squander and of course to spend land funds, “said Syahfan.

Budget Committee Member, F-MCC is also activity the start Kemenlu to acquire some embassy antiquity in-country land that the frugalness is sluggish. Consideration, in the state, property prices decline.

However Syahfan Embassy warned for the acquire of the antiquity finished in the country that some Asiatic Citizen (WNI) her, much as traveller workers, students and others. Although pricey but it should be a priority.

“Gradually Kemenlu need to prioritize the acquire of embassy buildings that hit strategic value and that crapper bring benefits and beatific benefits for our commonwealth from the scheme characteristic as substantially as bilateral and smooth relations, “he continued.

According to him, Kemenlu do not meet countenance at the scheme characteristic alone. For improving citizen services abroad also become an essential task.

According Syahfan, resource the acquire of the Embassy crapper add to the bank. While the execution of immobile mortgage payments made finished the land budget finished the support Kemenkeu and Bappenas. “I hope Kemenlu and Kemenkeu and Bappenas crapper impact together to make it happen,” he closed.

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