Joseph Also Reveals MCC and Nunun Relations

Jakarta -Joseph Supendi open-aperture about MCC. The band that he pioneered was now meet him pojokkan. One of them related to the MCC and Nunun Nurbaeti relation that dragged the housing of DGS election BI Miranda S Goeltom.

“They have to do the relationship between the MCC and Adang Daradjatun, if fortified it’s natural,” additional carpenter told reporters, in Building DPR Senayan, Jakarta, weekday (03/18/2011).

Nunun MCC was the wife of politician who is also a member of Commission threesome Adang Daradjatun. How to modify relationships and Nunun MCC, carpenter reluctant to divulge more information.

“Yes it’s up to the MCC would like,” he added.

carpenter never mentioned relation and the Secretary-General Adang PKS Anis Matta. carpenter pointed Anis intend the money to zillions of dollars of Adang.

Nunun currently a attestator related to the housing Miranda S Gultom. KPK has done chase down to Singapore. However Nunun who went to island for scrutiny reasons, now forfeited in his footsteps.

(NDR / Fay)

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