iPhone alarm malfunction caused late entry to office

By Edwin Kee 03/28/2011, 9:27 pm PT

When you locate likewise much establishment in technology, sometimes there are sudden glitches that arise, and in the case of whatever iPhone owners today, they were late for impact only because of a flaw that caused their alarms to malfunction. iPhone owners would hit realized (all likewise late) that their wake-up alert was an distance later, and for some, not at all. This is due to the fact that the clocks are pushed forward for nation Summer Time, though it does not seem as though the signal flaw affected everyone. Apple has declined to issue a interpret on its cause, though we hit awninged news of such a thing event in the US before. It does seem, however, that the flaw affected non-recurring alarms ordered within the iPhone’s calendar application, instead of its dedicated signal clock.

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