iPhone case comes with a pocket watch behind

By Edwin Kee 03/28/2011, 9:32 pm PT

iPhone cases are dime a dozen, but erst in a while, something comes along that stands discover from the crowd. Here we have this iPhone housing that has a incurvature check at the back, letting you verify the instance at but a glance, regardless of where your iPhone is facing. Unconventional, yes, but definitely not tacky when we’re talking most fashion.  The housing ifself is prefabricated discover of flooded grain alligator leather, and the check comes with 6 life of power reserve. Now if exclusive this incurvature check has the knowledge to invoke on an alarm to consequence you up, you requirement not vexation most glitches in the code that make you New for work. It doesn’t look cheap at all, that’s for sure.

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