Back Light, Jakarta Save Electricity 170 MW

Jakarta -As of 21:30 pm, Djakarta back reddened after 60 transactions of some of its territory extinguished. Djakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo said, tonight’s capital in fund of 170 megawatts of electricity.

“In the hours before 21:15 pm, there were reports of PLN that Djakarta had to spend 170 MW,” Fauzi said on the sidelines of the commemoration Earth Hour, in front of City Hall, Jl Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta, Saturday (26/03/2011). Previously, Fauzi said, if every home in Djakarta meet invoke soured digit lights, then the capital module spend 300 MW and 6 heaps of carbon.

Foke, Fauzi thusly addressed, said the outcome was in fact ease below target. On Earth Hour terminal year, Djakarta managed to spend energy and 80 MW in 2009 amounted to 50 MW.

“But it would be encouraging us at the incoming opportunity. Hopefully this could be the beginning of a newborn lifestyle,” said Foke add Java to island managed to spend 600 MW.

On that occasion, Foke also answered some of the grouping who questioned ground the tip of the sepulture is not extinguished.

“I want to explain that if the sepulture is only the close lights are overturned off. The climax is not, because the extreme of the Monas is a symbol of the blast that never go out,” explained Foke.

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