Anis Matta: I Do not Know which was meant Joseph Supendi Delinquency

Jakarta -Joseph Supendi asked Secretary General Anis Matta MCC ease do not move blaspheme him. When carpenter did not threaten, he module open the bill when juvenile neglect Anis front to his prototypal spouse Anise, Anaway Irianti Mansour. What is the response Anis?

“Delinquency what it means I do not know, maybe I meliorate understand his teacher,” Anis said in Djakarta on weekday (24/03/2011). Anis opt silence wager ‘bullet’ that continue to be fired Joseph. Anis affectionateness carpenter as his teacher, and she reputable him.

“He is my teacher, I do not see disturbed. All is up to the teacher,” he said.

Previously carpenter threatened to open neglect Anis told his prototypal spouse Anaway Irianti Mansour. This module be done if Anis offensive him.

“Anis Matta was my pupil. I wish that from this time he is cagy when talking. Better still,” said carpenter after requesting protection to the Agency office, Proclamation Monument Road, Central Jakarta.

If Anis all kinds, carpenter admitted the letter is ready to disclose evidence and witnesses.

“I would accede to his prototypal spouse titled Anaway about neglect Anis Matta in adolescence. Anaway also my students actually, “said Joseph.

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