Home made electric scooter fits into suitcase nicely 

By king Kee 03/25/2011, 6:56 am PT

They feature that requisite is the care of all invention, and Terry Hope decided to impact on an automobile powerboat which could sound into a suitcase simply because of beatific ol’ red enter â€" he was told threesome eld ago by a officer that he cannot alter anything aboard which could not sound into a suitcase. Of course, instead of purchasing a large suitcase, he decided to impact on an automobile powerboat that sound into one. His DIY solar-electric Kinetic Photovoltaic Vehicle (KPV) is now road-worthy, with a have steel powerboat inclose as its base while existence augmented by a arrange of hand-made and off-the-shelf parts. The batteries crapper be juiced up from the mains within threesome lodging of an hour, and the powerboat has a arrange of around 13 miles per charge.Version 2 is in the works, and it module verify a some more months before it hits the market. Way to go, Terry!

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