U.S. Claims NATO Agree Leads All Libyan Operations

Brussels -Senior U.S. officials claimed NATO reached “political agreement” on Thursday (24 / 3) to advance not exclusive curb zones over Libya, but also every other dealings aimed at protecting civilians in the country. Statement of officials who requested obscurity was against the NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh adventurer who said the care was exclusive applied in the no-fly zone only.

“the key issue here is political agreement,” the authorised said as reported by AFP.

“Towards the end of this week, we should be healthy to execute, not meet bidding and curb to curb zones, which we definite tonight (in Brussels), but also bidding and curb over protection civilians, “he added.

According to him, a disagreement of instrument on the question of whether NATO should verify curb of every dealings in Libya or not, has been resolved.

” All 28 members of NATO today hit united that this is something that NATO should take, “he said.

French, British and U.S. forces launched a military move against Libya on Sunday (20 / 3) morning in gift with UN Security Council resolution 1973 which titled for “all needed steps” to protect grouping from forces Libya Muammar Kadhafi.

However, pedagogue that has placed troops in Iraq and Afghanistan disagreeable to get a restricted role and pleased to designate bidding of alinement forces dealings to NATO.

Meanwhile, NATO Secretary General adventurer expressed the designate of bidding was restricted to the no-fly zone enforcement operations.

When asked if and when NATO module verify curb of a wider campaign, he said, “We are considering whether NATO should verify a broader responsibility. But the selection was not made.”



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