Kinect Used to Teach Kids in South Africa

By Raymond Wong 03/25/2011, 11:46 am PT

Microsoft Kinect

Microsoft’s Kinect is attractive the concern by storm. Not only have 10 million Kinect’s been sold, but its also gained a slew of summary hacks that move it beyond a gaming peripheral. Take for example, Microsoft’s newborn effort at the Lakeside Park Primary edifice in Vyrheid, South Africa that is using Kinect to stimulate and encourage edifice kids to see arts by engaging them in motion-controlled games. The effort is a small case study, but the teachers at Lakeside are already sight constructive results. Lakeside’s Deputy Principal, Karenic Kirsten said, “Shy learners, who verify months to speak up in collection in their care ness â€" permit lonely in English, were already shouting out to classmates to ‘jump’ and ‘duck’ with no inhibition.” In Japan, Nintendo’s DS has been used to inform children and in the U.S. iPads in the room are every the rage, so ground not Kinect? Should Microsoft’s project be a success, we wouldn’t be shocked to see Kinect outflow up in classrooms crossways the world.

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