Cloud blimps to offer shade for World Cup 2022

By Edwin Kee 03/25/2011, 9:51 am PT

The rattling intent of retentive the World Cup in the middle of the desert when the assemblage 2022 rolls around isn’t too smart, but now that that’s finished and over with, it is instance to verify the incoming 10 eld by its horns and start finding some questions that pasture up â€" among them, how do players, especially those who are so utilised to modify dweller climates, healthy to acclimatized themselves to the sweltering heat? To turn the whole world’s footballing schedule upside down so that the World Cup can be held during winter sounds nuts as it is unprecedented, so the incoming best thing (apart from the expose healthy stadiums that they are going to build) would be to send blimps â€" really, rattling Brobdingnagian ones, to country the sun. This is prefabricated doable thanks to sceintists at peninsula University, as they hit become up with solar supercharged “clouds” which module be prefabricated discover of copy and move using helium, and operated remotely.

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