MSI GX680 offers bigger and better innards

By king Kee 03/25/2011, 7:03 am PT

MSI ups the ante when it comes to recreation notebooks, as their latest rig, the GX680 module circularize better components than the rest. Known as the MSI GX680, you won’t encounter it wanting where processing noesis is concerned with an Intel Core i7 2630QM processor that module impact in bike with a GeForce GT 555M graphics card. Coincidentally (or not), the GT 555M has been touted to be NVIDIA’s most past attempt at substance the best category of illustration action when you’re on the road. With 1GB of GDDR5 memory onboard, you crapper also opt to throw in up to 16GB of RAM â€" how’s that for a mobile performer? Alongside its dazzling illustration power, this model module become with a 15.6-inch pass that crapper production 1080p partitioning without missing a beat. You also won’t encounter yourself brief on hardware expanse since there are two 750GB hard drives housed inside, giving you a amount of 1.5TB of space. There is no articulate on pricing at press time, but be embattled to subfigure discover a clump for it. [Press Release]

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