Microsoft shows off 234″ touchscreen in Germany

By martyr Wong 03/28/2011, 4:50 pm PT

Microsoft Cinema

How big can touchscreens be? Well, if you’re same Microsoft and have the money for much technology, the sky’s the limit. Microsoft Germany and Stereolize came up with the Microsoft Cinema â€" a large 234″ touchscreen display. It wasn’t expressed if the screen’s touch functionalities extended every the artefact to the crowning of the screen, but since it was taller than every advocator using the touchscreen at CeBIT 2011 where it prefabricated its debut, it is acknowledged it is. The concealment supports gestures same flicking and panning, and makes for an awing newborn artefact to handle presentations. If these colossus screens replace projectors in the future, it would mean no more fumbling around with ungainly clickers. Hit the break to watch a recording of the concealment in action:

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