Cincinnati Zoo uses solar panels to go greener

By George Wong 03/28/2011, 4:39 pm PT

Cincinnati Zoo

In an endeavor to go modify greener, the metropolis Zoo has recently installed a super array of solar panels to feed electricity to the zoo. The installation consists of over 6,400 solar panels over the zoo’s carpark, concealment 800/1,000 parking spots and sits 15 to 18 feet high. Touted as the country’s maximal and most publically reachable solar-power system, it was also fashioned to process cognisance towards solar forcefulness for folks who meet the zoo. Unfortunately despite being “green”, the electricity generated from the sunlight won’t come for free. Melink Corporation that operates the installation is charging the metropolis Zoo at about the same toll as what they were stipendiary before at $ 0.08/kWh â€" at least the forcefulness they intend is green.

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