Donya offers gamepad stickers for your touchscreen display

By Edwin Kee 03/28/2011, 7:44 pm PT

When it comes to takeout gaming, null rattling beats a dedicated handheld gaming device, but somehow, smartphones hit caught up dramatically in cost of hardware specifications and its ability, so even the iPhone and another high-end Android-powered devices are more than confident of roily out whatever enthusiastic looking games. Of course, the sloping move to touchscreen displays hit also evolved the ordinal party clothing market, and this instance around we hit Donya with their Gamepad stickers that module comprise of five stickers in all. Three of them module be buttons that exhibit off digit single, digit stacked double, and digit triple. Not exclusive that, it also comes with a pair of four-way leading controllers which crapper be used simultaneously. While these stickers are easily removable, we’re not likewise trusty whether you actually need that kind of seeable commendation to leave you around $ 12 poorer in the end. It won’t bode likewise substantially for your street gaming cred, if you undergo what I mean.

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