Sony Ericsson Xperia neo gets sent to the FCC – again

By king Kee 03/28/2011, 8:41 pm PT

Just a pair of weeks ago, the Sony Ericsson Xperia neo was patterned over at the FCC, albeit without showing soured any hold at every for WCDMA bands for those experience in the US. This, of course, module saucer towards the unavailability of said sound on US shores, but boy are we in for a impact today as the neo has been seen on the FCC still again, this instance with hold for WCDMA bands II and V. For those who are in the know, these would be the bands that are used by AT&T’s 3G assist in the US, which is a good clew that you might just wager it come Stateside after all. Inside the senior neo, it has the FCC ID PY7A3880100, which is rather kindred to the neo that was seen today which has the FCC ID PY7A3880101. Apart from that, there doesn’t seem to be any more field differences between both devices.

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