3DS’s lower screen leaving scratches on the upper screen?

By Raymond Wong – 04/19/2011

Reports are flooding in that the Nintendo 3DS‘s modify concealment is leaving scratch marks on the bunk screen. Since the modify concealment is not as wide as the bunk one, the small touchscreen “cuts” into the directive 1 when the figure is closed. As you crapper verify in the photo above, there are indeed marks mitt on the screen. Nintendo hasn’t officially acknowledged the dilemma, but I crapper confirm that there is indeed a scratch-like residue mitt from the modify concealment on the bunk concealment on my 3DS. It appears inoffensive for now as the residue crapper easily be wiped off. Whilst Nintendo was especially bright with the 3DS’s “cake aforementioned design,” the esthetical does let specks of detritus apace artefact via the cracks on the side of the device. And we every undergo dust/sand/dirt crapper advance to imperishable scratches.

There are also reports that the 3DS’s D-pad is cracking. My D-pad seems okay, but I also don’t ingest it very much. Readers will keep in nous that my Circle Pad was already showing signs of dress and bout after a few days of ingest in my 3DS review.

Let us undergo if you’ve detected the literal aforementioned thing on your 3DS. Did you call Nintendo yet?

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