Motorola Droid Bionic will be delayed

By George Wong – 04/19/2011

Motorola Droid BionicThe Motorola Android 4G LTE sound slated to come on Verizon Q2 this assemblage was rumored to hit been cancelled terminal week. The dual-core worker sound that was undraped at CES earlier this assemblage has ease to attain an attendance in store, with zero a articulate from Verizon or Motorola most its official release. Well, now that changed with Wall Street Journal reporting most the phone.

A Motorola representative said that the promulgation of the Android smartphone will be suspended until the ordinal lodge of 2011. It seems that they’ve been collecting feedback and accumulation on the sound because it was shown off and Motorola are producing improvements to the figure prior to they promulgation it. The sound manufacturer will be introducing new functions to attain the sound “an even farther better consumer experience” when it goes on sale. It wasn’t mentioned what these functions had been although, so we’ll hit to adopt that it is the real think behind the phone’s tardiness.

Regardless, we’ll ease hit to move at small 2 farther more months before we crapper intend our hands on the 4G LTE Motorola phone. How numerous of you are ease retentive out for the Droid Bionic, or hit you already presented up on the phone?

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