Always Innovating Super-Jumbo lets you quadruple-boot your computer

By martyr Wong – 04/27/2011 02:25 PDT


Are you a individualist who likes choice? Do you ever rattling feel same 1 operative program is never enough? Do you ever wish you had the pick of two different operative systems? How do 3 operative systems sound to you? Usually Innovating, the firm behind the icebox tablet/netbook hybrid has become up with Super-Jumbo â€" a single round ikon that combines quaternary crisp operative systems â€" Google Android 2.three, Ubuntu 10.10, Google Chrome OS and AIOS (Always Innovating Operating System).

Super-Jumbo entireness on the BeagleBoard auto computing papers and will enable users to rush into either digit of the quaternary operative systems on their devices. It also allows users to alter from digit OS to added with discover having to revive the method. Super-Jumbo runs on Always Innovating’s products same the Touch Book and Intelligent Book.

We’re not positive ground anybody would poverty to alter between these quaternary operative systems, but I surmisal it is enthusiastic to undergo that you crapper if you poverty to in the future. Video demonstration of Super-Jumbo streaming on a BeagleBoard:

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