Sony Freestyle Hybrid PC spotted

By Edwin Kee – 04/26/2011 23:08 PDT

Strangely enough, not every mortal truly saw the Freestyle Hybrid PC that Sony displayed via its slides yesterday, what with everybody added focusing on the S1 and S2 tablets instead. Just so that you do not miss discover on hip and happening news, there had been a couple such more Sony devices that are at inform being embattled for the masses â€" we are conversation most the Ultra Mobile PC as right as the Freestyle Hybrid PC.

Not considerably is famous most the former, but it does seem to start low the 13″ range, seeing meet how truth the keyboard is spaced from the edge. As for the Freestyle Hybrid PC, word on the street has it that this could extremely right be the Sony Vaio Slider, where it is touted to climb a 9.4″ display, an Intel Pine Trail Atom processor and Windows 7 as the operating method of choice. Ready to rock and listing in the marketplace sometime this start (we could be hunting at October), expect the Freestyle Hybrid PC to retail for around $ 799 thereabouts.

Anticipate farther more details to be free in cod time, and you can look your lowermost tough-earned note that more leaks module be reaching our artefact presently â€" that is the artefact and nature of the business, after all.

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