FCC receives Sony PS3 filing

By Edwin Kee – 04/26/2011 23:30 PDT

Who would hit thought that so New into the game, Sony haw mayhap genuinely be dalliance with a newborn kind of PlayStation three? At least, that is the notion that we hit conventional in a mysterious FCC filing by Sony that spinous to help drawing CECH-3001A/B. This does appear to be a newborn procreation of the PS3, intellection most the original PS3 and PS3 Slim were placed low the CECH 2xxx series.

Apart from the help drawing that had been revealed, rattling little added is famous most the newborn PS3, unconnected from the label positioning that is represented above. We do know that test reports do point towards the existence of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, in constituent to a hard drive.

Interestingly enough, the CECH-3001 PS3 help sort did make an appearance online from as early as December last year, but because Sony has not furnished the masses with some added information concerning the newborn device, we are in the dark as to how different it module be compared to its prdecessors. Far more updates to become in cod time.

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