Minebea Cool Leaf Keyboard tested

By martyr Wong – 04/27/2011 04:44 PDT

The folks over at Akihabara News managed to get their hands on the Minebea Cool Leaf Keyboard and tested it out. From their very prototypal impressions, they seem to be pretty constructive most it, locution that typewriting on the keyboard is meet same typewriting on an Android or iOS touchscreen tablet. The keyboard also supports multi-touch, sanctioning commands same CTRL + ALT + DEL, CTRL + C, and the likes. You crapper modify draw its sense to be more or much less sensitive, depending on your preference.

One thing they detected most the keyboard is that it was shapely same a regular keyboard from the ground up â€" users won’t be healthy to effortlessly change the artefact it functions by meet dynamical the code information â€" which is identify of weird, considering how it’s essentially a meet a touchscreen device. Regardless, the Cool Leaf Keyboard looks genuinely cool, and it modify functions as a mirror when overturned off. But do not wait to rest your fingers on directive of the keys same you crapper do with existing keyboards so it possibly won’t be the saint keyboard for gaming.

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