HP Pre 3 hits the FCC deck

By king Kee – 04/26/2011 22:56 PDT

HP has been rather quiet on the smartphone front, and we do undergo that they ease hit a couple a lot more handsets that are embattled and waiting to be unleashed upon the masses â€" the Veer and Pre three, not to name the TouchPad tablet, of course. Properly, judging by the Pre threesome arriving at the FCC, digit crapper feature that it is fireman than the rest to a start date. The Pre threesome goes by the help sort HSTNH-F30CN, where it has just picked up FCC hold nowadays. It seems as although the device’s adjudge positioning pics do materialize to be too significant to be the Veer, and too tiny to be the TouchPad, hence the Pre threesome conclusion.

Test reports hit shown that the Pre threesome has already won hold for its dual-band wireless-N Wi-Fi capabilities, and even though there was zero a sound concerning the handset’s cellular or Bluetooth capabilities, much more on that really should opencast in due time. Test reports also do point towards hold for GSM 850 and 1900 bands, in addition to WCDMA bands II and V. For those who are nicely versed, they would undergo that these are frequencies that correspond to AT&ampT’s network in the US, further confirming reflection that the Pre 3 module come via AT&ampT. Ah well, because they no longer hit an iPhone monopoly, ground not distribute their foodstuff crossways numerous baskets?

The Pre 3’s code program edition has been traded as WebOS 2.three, which has yet to be declared because the present edition of webOS is 2.2, whilst webOS three. has been designated for HP’s TouchPad tablet. Seems same to Android territory, with Android 3. Honeycomb meant for tablets, although Android 2.3 Gingerbread existence rather thin at the time amongst handsets.

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