Angry Birds becomes best selling PlayStation Network game

By Raymond Wong 04/11/2011, 12:03 pm PT

And the rattling prizewinning commerce PlayStation Network mettlesome is…Final Fantasy VII? Close, but not really. It’s…Angry Birds. Rovio’s smartphone mettlesome that has players hurling frustrated birds at a legion of green pigs is today the finest commerce mettlesome on PSN. Right after capture the iPhone, iPad, Android, PC and Mac, Angry Birds is today generating a killing on PSN. And men and women poverty next-gen consoles? This is disgusting. As long as you â€" yes you â€" hardcore gamers ready plunking downbound the cash to pay for direct games like Angry Birds, games with higher creation values will invoke discover to be fewer. There won’t be some value in nonindustrial games with rich graphics and complicated stories. This, this Angry Birds insanity has got to stop. Please. Stop. Buying. This. Stuff. Thanks.


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