AR.FlyingAce lets your AR.Drone shoot lasers

By martyr Wong 04/11/2011, 12:18 pm PT


Whilst the US Navy hit successfully fired the prototypal laser shot on a ship today, the folks over at Parrot hit given lasers to their AR.Accomplished quadricopters as nicely, albeit they won’t set anything on blast â€" at small not in reality. They hit meet declared an upcoming mettlesome for the AR.Drone called AR.FlyingAce. Created for digit players with an AR.Drone, the multiplayer mettlesome pits AR.Drone pilots against 1 added in a virtual duel. Not a aggregation of particulars were released, but from the recording promo, we crapper see that the AR.Drone copters acquire the power to blast lasers at the enemy. Wellness exerciser at the of the concealment permit users know how substantially chronicle their copters have, and when one runs out of life, it module become gymnastics downbound to the ground. It all looks pretty exciting and module undoubtedly touch AR.Drone pilots looking for a newborn challenge. The app module be free this month, although no cost has been declared but. Hit the break to watch a recording of AR.FlyingAce in action:

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