Aptina AR0331 surveillance image sensor

By king Kee – 04/21/2011 00:11 UTC

With the concern existence more and more engrossed in stereoscopic 3D knowledge on the displays of different devices as effectively as the common positioning of flooded HD displays, it also makes significance that ikon sensors also verify up the cover of High Definition â€" and in this case, we’re looking at the Aptina AR0331 surveillance ikon sensor.

This three.1-megapixel device was specially matured to cater the requirements of the ever ontogeny flooded HD video-centric surveillance marketplace, where it module provide exceptional action of the newborn 2.2-micron element device that boasts of Aptina A-Pix technology (which you crapper wager above).

The AR0331 module direct the mainstream 1/3-inch optical info surveillance camera market, bring crack ikon calibre to the masses. It is undoubtedly a action upgrade to existing 3-megapixel device designs, where it delivers a best-in-class feature set that module combine flooded HD recording with panoramic impulsive arrange (WDR) aptitude and built-in adaptive nearby talk mapping. Capable of delivering HD recording of up to 1080p at 60 fps patch making ingest of advanced binning strategies to enable the sensor’s change 1-lux baritone light performance, this module tie the MT9M033 in the HD surveillance camera portfolio from Aptina. We would look surveillance cameras to hold out significantly more in solving crimes due to the greater resolution â€" hopefully it is baritone cost sufficiency to implement in a retro manner. [Press Release]

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