AViiQ Portable Quick Stand

By king Kee – 04/21/2011 00:15 UTC

If you take locate to do a whole lot of traveling with your notebook or laptop in tow, then a decent laptop defence strength be famous as into discourse as factor of your accessory list, so creating destined you decide on the pertinent digit for yourself is of utmost grandness specifically when you take into consideration your laptop filler and weight. The AViiQ Portable Fast Stand does not exclusive countenance beatific as you crapper wager from the ikon above, but it module also be unbelievably light at such less than 3.four oz., attractive up diminutive space in your luggage when bifold (we’re intelligent at three/8″ thin), as it module endeavor nice with any laptops up to 17″ in size.

The AViiQ Portable Fast Stand is definitely a turning compared to tralatitious style, because it module discard every the lawful bulk with discover sacrificing usability and practicality aspects. Inspired by principles and plasticity where origami is concerned, the AViiQ Portable Quick Stand module turn from a thin insipid artefact to the best ergonomic angle as it expands and collapses instantly when needed. 

Boasting of an ergonomic angle, it module decrease lineage on the wrist, whilst the characteristic style module in fact enhance expose line so that modify is dissipated faster, indirectly enhancing on shelling life in the method. The Hylite touchable engaged is created in Germany, where it comprises of metal sheets bonded to a plastic core, to have extremity durability with discover sacrificing flexibility, portability and stylishness.

The AViiQ Portable Fast Stand module become in Onyx Black, Cadet Gray, Chartreuse Green, Cerulean Blue and Magenta colors, and it crapper be yours for $ 39.99.

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