Cobra PhoneLynx breathes new life into home phone system

By Edwin Kee – 04/20/2011 22:47 UTC

Let’s face the cold, thickened facts â€" a line in your concern these life is not actually needed at all, as some individuals do see it as a relic from their parents’ (or possibly, for junior children who grew up with discover realizing there was this bourgeois referred to as a “landline” unconnected from their grandparents’ homes) era. After all, with the advent of radiophone sound technologies and a wider news of networks throughout the country, it makes excellent significance for one to rely a aggregation more on radiophone phones and smartphones to be contacted anytime, anywhere than a landline. Cobra intends to supply an olive branch of sorts to both parties with their PhoneLynx, which is a a new Bluetooth figure which module bridge line profession and the radiophone sound by effectuation of the “transformation” of your residence sound grouping into an extension of your radiophone phone.

The Cobra PhoneLynx module unification your existing radiophone sound to your concept sound so that you module be able to intend the most charge for your hornlike attained buck by performing away with a landline, and turning your unused radiophone minutes to factor of the concern sound program.

Retailing for $ 59.95, the Cobra PhoneLynx rattling should be readily available broad if you’re interested.

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