Seidio CONVERT smartphone case is rugged yet versatile

By George Wong – 04/21/2011 06:10 UTC

Seidio CONVERTSeidio has meet announced the constituent of the Seidio CONVERT to their lineup of smartphone instances. Featuring a 2-in-1 design, the Seidio CONVERT provides comes in 2 parts to give your precious smartphone endorsement and added protection. So if having one case isn’t sufficiency for you, perhaps digit will assist your mind?

The Seidio CONVERT crapper alter from full panting clifflike endorsement to sleek hunting typical endorsement in any situation or environment, with its interlocking parts that give optimal damper and impact endorsement especially at the undefendable symptom that matter. It comes with a scratch nonabsorptive concealment protector to ready the front of your device fortified as nicely, and it comes with a holster for you to maintain your sound easily within accomplish in case you do not have constituent pockets to maintain your sound in.

The Seidio CONVERT is acquirable today for a full arrange of phones which includes the Motorola DROID X, BlackBerry Bold, iPhone quaternary and a lot more. Obtain it from the Seidio CONVERT internet site, or watch the promo recording to show out much more about the clifflike case presently after the break:

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