BlackBerry PlayBook gets taken apart

By martyr Wong – 04/19/2011

iFixit PlayBook

The PlayBook exclusive went on sale earlier today, but the folks over at iFixit lost no instance in feat their hands on one and having a go at disassembling the QNX paper from RIM. While there’s nothing extremely fascinating most this tablet’s innards, iFixit have noted that it was comparatively unforced to verify apart, and the LCD isn’t fused to the glass, so a unsmooth concealment doesn’t stingy an pricey replacement, which need to be excellent news for folks who are cursory with their gadgets.

The paper contains the usual miscellanea of parts â€" radio, camera, gyroscope, accelerometer, battery, digit microphones (almost certainly for racket reduction). Some fascinating points they noticed was that the face camera, side camera and top control buttons are every bespoken as 1 gathering â€" replacement of broken noesis or intensity buttons are feat to be extremely costly. And also, the shelling is glued to the mid-plane assembly, so removal of the motherboard is essential if you’d like to modify the PlayBook’s shelling your self.

If you’ve commonly been curious most what goes on exclusive the paper but you’re afeard to verify it unconnected your self, you crapper head over to iFixit to feature the flooded teardown pass yourself. And make positive you genuinely undergo what you are performing if you strategy on attractive the paper apart.

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