Kaspersky thinks Android is not secure enough

By martyr Wong – 04/19/2011

Android securityKaspersky, the Slavonic section methodicalness apparently feels that Google isn’t doing a beatific enough employ with their security. At a past conference, Kaspersky’s CTO, Nikolay Grevennikov crosspiece his nous most the see engine giant’s ambulatory operative grouping â€" Android. He mentioned that Google is kinda narrowing minded most section and that the business module hit to change in visit to deal with growing vindictive threats â€" same what Microsoft has been performing in past years.

Grevennikov mentioned that “Google has experts in see and cloud, but no in security. It doesn’t recognize a aggregation of issues in section because it doesn’t hit the past encounter to attain the right decisions. It crapper lease some people, but it is not a equal for actual impact in a lab.” He also mentioned that at the evaluate Android is growing now, Google module module requirement to regularly reassert the operative information patched for the operation of section vulnerabilities that module no uncertainty be present in the future.

With such more and far more men and women relying on smartphones, particularly Android ones, Google absolutely needs to work on their security. Google hasn’t responded to what Grevennikov mentioned, but Google’s moves to close up the operative information could be part of the answer.

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