Carbon nanotubes light emitting transistor boosts OLED efficiency

By Edwin Kee – 04/29/2011 03:36 EDT

Researchers at the University of Florida hit come transistors with a newborn move to feature a newborn category of light-emitting. This modern profession module cipher a bounteous problem PC that is unable to endure the OLED profession used in small displays, monitors or television sets, according to the University of Florida physics professor Andrew Rinzler.

To verify full plus of copy nanotubes, nonsynthetic semiconductors allow pixel is dynamical the broad currents needed OLEDs in a very efficient, albeit at modify voltages.

In addition to a redesign of the transistor, that the forces of the individual pixels in OLED, the aggroup module also merge the semiconductor and semiconductor on digit of the single device such as a light-emitting OLED known. As a result, a copy nanotube-get-enabled plumb nonsynthetic light-emitting transistor, or meliorate known as CN-VOLET, they produce more than eight times more energy economical to its closest competing products compared more.

Since the integrated style, module also reduce the complexness of production, it module also modify costs – that could be a smile on every grappling as an application CN VOLET profession in routine devices.

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