Shazam for Android gets unlimited tagging and Friends

George Wong – 04/28/2011 11:32 GMT

Shazam Android Good news for grouping Shazam Android users – If you poverty to intend tired, not able to discern so ever when some songs as you want, you crapper do it the next months announced. Shazam has meet Shazam Android every users (even on the completely liberated version of the App) to 2012 crapper attach an oceanic number of songs by 1 Jan – three months thanks to a sponsorship from eBay.

Users also have access to Shazam Pals, a feature that is already on the IOS app since March. Users crapper strikingness app links to their Facebook, wager what their buddies tagging using Shazam with the app.

People with a intense ear and module for the recognition of songs and prayers do not poverty to pay for a penalization service Shazam has heard your (although SoundHound already do completely liberated gig for some time). Go to the Android Marketplace for liberated download on Shazam.

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